Custom machinings

Prototypes to production runs: we follow a part through from the original engineering idea, to the creation of a prototype, to the final production of parts.

Shearing sheet metal

Shearing sheet metal up to 3m length and 5mm thickness.

Sheet metal punching

We have CNC equipment for sheet metal punching on iron, brass, aluminum, copper and stainless steel of various thicknesses.

Laser cutting

High performance in speed, quality and cutting precision that guarantee a perfect working, free of burrs on any type of material. Thicknesses:

  • carbon steel up to 12mm
  • aluminium 5mm max
  • stainless steel up to 6mm


The bending area uses CNC sheet metal bending press up to 3m length.

Tubular bar manufacturers

We execute cutting, bending, threading, milling on tubes rods and iron, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel profiles.


  • wire welding
  • TIG welding (aluminum, iron, steel)
  • electric welding
  • autogenous welding (brazing)

Assembly department

  • mounting accessories
  • electrical equipment installation
  • assembly and packaging following customer requirements


We offer a wide range of services such as galvanic finishing, painting, galvanizing.

Metal moulding

We perform molding tape of small and medium size components in various types of material, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel. We support you with our experience in the realization of molds.